Conference and Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society

Supported by the European Commission, Research DG : Human Potential Programme, High -Level Scientific Conferences, contract n°HPCF-CT-2000-00068

Organised on behalf of the European Ceramic Society
Location: Congress Centre Oud Sint Jan (Acces to the Congress Centre) Mariastraat, 38 - B-8000 Brugge (Map of the city) - Belgium
Date: 9-13 September 2001
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Download final programme (last update: 30.08.2001)
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Download short abstracts for each session

Educational session (30.08.2001)

P1 Ceramic powders
P2 Shaping/Sintering/Machining/Emerging Technologies
P3 Joining/Interface/Coatings (last update: 10.07.2001)

M1 Engineering Ceramics/Composites (last update: 18.07.2001)
M2 Electroceramics (oral)
M2 Electroceramics (poster)
M3 Bioceramics
M4 Refractories/Traditional (last update: 18.07.2001)
M5 Cements (last update: 30.08.2001)
M6 Porous Ceramics
M7 Glass/Glass Ceramics/Glazes
M8 Hot Topics

G1 Characterisation/Standardisation (last update: 18.07.2001)
G2 Environment/Recycling (last update: 18.07.2001)
G3 Ceramic Heritage
G4 Ceramic Applications

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